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Zenitant has been organising a wide range of academic education enrichment programmes for Primary, Secondary Schools, ITEs and Junior Colleges in the past 18 years. 

We organised a variety of classroom education programmes for more than 200 primary and secondary schools in Singapore and run tuition as well as holiday and enrichment programmes for self help groups and community development councils for more than 5,000 students across Singapore.

We are market leaders in outdoor education programmes such as learning journeys, heritage and ecology trails as well as learning festivals and amazing races.  

We provide student care services and we are currently looking after more than 600 students at our Angsana, Townsville, Changkat and Zhong Hua Primary Learning Studio Student Care Centres.

We are a Microsoft Global Training Partner, an IMDA Code for Fun vendor and also run Arduino, Robotics, Coding, Drones Flying, 3D design and printing programmes for schools and the public. We also conduct physical and online ICT, Math and Science CCA and Olympiad trainings. 

We also organise the annual 3d-tronics competition together with IMDA and ITE College East with sponsors including  Microsoft.


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Aug 27, 2020

3d-tronics Micro:bit Challenge

Attend a free 4hrs virtual training and collect a free kit worth $30 sponsored by LearnSG and IMDA.  

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Popular School Programmes

Auto Plant Watering Project - Main Pictu

Smart Gardening Learn all about plants and how to use technology to create automated watering prototypes or sunlight measuring sensors to ensure your plants survive!

Carnival Games Creation

Digital Making Enrichment Create fun electronic carnival games or your favourite mascot which can blink whenever someone approaches it! Learn computational thinking, how to prototype and code different electronic components in a fun way!

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Minecraft: Education Edition is a version of the popular open world game, Minecraft, specifically designed for education. It contains features that make Minecraft more accessible and effective in a classroom setting including learning of different subjects in a sandbox environment!

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

ALP Watch your students harness the power of STEM for a worthy cause by applying for an ALP with us. Schools can tap on the use of technology education platform to advance teaching and integrate with various subjects to hone computational thinking or learn up-to-date tech industry skill sets using different STEM platforms.


CCA Training We support and provide consultation to school CCA Clubs for holistic enrichment, training and competition preparation. From Makers, ICT to Robotics CCA clubs, we work with students to make learning fun!

School VIA and CSR

VIA and CSR Programmes Help support students’ development as socially responsible citizens by giving them an opportunity to create innovations that can contribute meaningfully to the community. From creating Smart Aids for visually impaired to community improvement projects enabled by technology including IoT students can give back meaningfully.