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Enchanced 2023 Code For Fun Programme for Secondary Schools

Choice of vendor-led or school-run programme

The enchanced CFF program consists of 10 hours for the entire cohort and has 4 hours of project time allocated into it. Depending on the project outcomes your students have in mind, you may choose one of four different IoT kits to code, create and solve different real-world problems posed with either drag and drop block or Python text programming:

  • M5GO V2 IoT Maker Kit

  • M5StickC + IoT Robo-Maker Kit

  • Micro:bit IoT Maker Kit

  • Micro:bit IoT Robo-Maker Kit​

View the Course Outline along with the specific components that come along with each kit in this link.

Fill up this simple application form below to sign up for the programme - Registration is open on 16 November 2022:

Do reach out to us should you have further queries:
Philip Kong

Muhd Nizam

Esther Koh

Enchanced 2023 Code For Fun Programme for Secondary Schools: Team Members
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