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IMDA 2023 LEARN Roadmap for Primary Schools

Microsoft Digital Making & Microsoft Game Development

Each of these free workshops run for 16 hours ( 8 lessons of 2 hours each) that focuses on equipping your ICT CCA Club students with coding, game development and problem solving skills. Click on the links below to view the course outline along with the required resources:

As it is a requirement to submit your school's ICT CCA schedule to IMDA for this program, we have provided an Excel template to fill up your schedule for submission in the link below:

To apply for these programs, please do so through the following form provided by IMDA. Do also upload Excel template with the schedule for your ICT CCA when applying.

For further inquiries on this, please do reach out to us:
Mr Philip Kong


Mr Muhd Nizam

IMDA 2023 LEARN Roadmap for Primary Schools: Team Members
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