We conduct a wide range of Technology and CCA training for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary students. From learning how to create prototypes with micro:bit and Arduino to creating their own virtual worlds with Minecraft Education, students are empowered to explore and innovate during physical face to face or online sessions!


We are also an IMDA Code For Fun Service Provider and provides ICT, robotics and computational thinking programmes to more than 5,000 primary and secondary school students. In addition, we organise technology and academic learning festivals to help families and children appreciate and learn more about technology such as 3d-design/printing, drones, programming and robotics in a fun way.


DIGITAL MAKER & CODE FOR FUN MICROCONTROLLER PROGRAMME WITH MICRO:BIT Enables students to experince coding in a exciting way by allowing them to develop their own programmes, games animations and music.

CODE FOR FUN PROGRAMME WITH ARDUINO 3D-TRONICS KIT Programme whereby students learn coding and computational thinking skills using robots and micro-controllers

ELECTRONICS, ROBOTICS AND MICRO CONTROLLERS Programme whereby students learn about electronic components, circuits and how to construct/code these components to solve real life problems

DIGITAL MAKING IN CLASSROOM Programme hereby students use technology to understand academic topics/concepts and create useful real-life applications using these concepts

DESIGN THINKING 3D DESIGN & MAKING Programme whereby students utilises design thinking methodology of empathising, defining, ideating prototyping and testing to create a product to solve real life problems

CODING AND GAME CREATION Programme whereby students learn how to code using different platform to create games on PCs, iPads and mobile phones

DRONE CONSTUCTION AND FLYING Programme whereby students learn how to construct and/or fly their own drones

Touchdevelop Graphics

ICT LEARNING ROADMAP 100% funded Microsoft Touchdevelop Game Development Workshop for Singapore Schools