We have more than 14 years of experience conducting Math programs in Singapore. We are the pioneers in organising Math Trails and hands-on problem solving enrichment programs for schools in Singapore.


Our programs focus on using the habits of mind framework, fun activities and manipulative to help students refine, extend and apply Mathematics concepts that they learnt during normal curriculum time to real life scenarios. 


This approach not only improve students' perception towards Mathematics but also help them realise the importance and relevance of what they are learning, complementing what was taught during school curriculum time by our teachers in schools. 

In addition to schools in Singapore, we also work with Mendaki, CDAC and Central CDC to provide both classroom as well as outdoor Math programs for their beneficiaries and students. 

Learning Journey

MATHEMATICS TRAILS We conduct outdoor learning journeys whereby students can apply mathematics concepts they have learnt in class to real life situations and appreciate the importance/application of mathematics.

Math Olympiad

MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD TRAINING We coach students on problems/topics/ heuristics that are tested in Mathematics Olympiad competitions including SMO, NMOS, APMOPS, AMC and SASMO.

FINGER MATH PROGRAMME We coach students on the use of their fingers to help them perform the four operations mentally, accurately and quickly. This technique not only helps develop their left and right brain but also improves their concentration and memory.


CALCULATOR SALES AND WORKSHOPS We wholesale Casio calculators at a preferential price to schools and organise calculator workshops to coach students on how to use their calculators effectively. Topics such as Whole Numbers, Decimals and Fractions will be covered extensively.

MATHEMATICS FUNTASIA PROGRAMME A station based programme where students get to relate mathematics concepts through playing interesting games using robots, strawbees, Augmented Reality, building blocks and even basketballs!


LET’S LEARN IT HANDS-ON MATHEMATICS We use games and hands-on manipulative to help students refine and extend their knowledge of mathematical concepts and problem solving heuristics in a fun way.


ASPIRE BRIDGING PROGRAMME We help identify Math topics/concepts that students are weak in and uses games/ manipulative as well a structured approach with questions of increasing level of difficulty to help students bridge their gap.

Math Magic

MATH MAGIC PROGRAMME We use magic tricks to make learning mathematics fun and create curiosity in mathematics for students. Different magic tricks provide a different context for students to engage in mathematical reasoning as they investigate the mathematical concepts behind the tricks.


INTELLIGENT COLLABORATIVE AND FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL Using an intelligent collaborative and formative cloud platform with artificial intelligence and an advanced semantics engine, we help identify individual students’ learning gaps in mathematics and help teachers modify lesson plans to address those gaps effectively.


MATHEMATICAL KITE PROGRAMME We work with students to refresh mathematical concepts such as measurement, four operations, area and perimeter through fun activities such as kite construction and kite flying. Students get to learn teamwork as they construct/ fly their kites together and every student gets to bring back one Tyvek kite.


MATHEMATICAL THINKING WITH CHESS We coach students on how to play chess with the objective of enhancing visual, spatial and memory skills as well as problem solving in different mathematics concepts including Whole Numbers, Fractions, Symmetry, Patterns, Ratio, Area and Perimeter, etc.


GAME DESIGN AND CREATION WORKSHOP We provide a platform for students to learn and reinforce their mathematics concepts through design and creation of mathematical games. Students get to collaborate to design games as a team and challenge their friends/other teams to play their games.

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