Zenitant science enrichment programmes emphasise on thinking skills and its applications. Our innovative enrichment programmes not only emphasises on developing students’ academic skills but also their life skills. We strongly believe that learning is fun and all of our science programme series are designed to improve students’ perceptions towards learning. Our combination of imparting both academic and life skills to our students are aimed at helping them develop into all-rounded individuals.

Our consultants always believe in adopting a fun, creative and hands-on approach to learning Science. Using the habits of the concept mapping framework and adapting from science topics in the current science school syllabus, they have specially designed the programme that will help your students better visualize and understand Science in an enjoyable fun and hands-on way.


SCIENCE TRAILS Students will get to experience the value of science whereby how it will influence them through applying it in real life scenarios when going on learning journeys conducted by us.

ROCKET PROGRAMME It includes understanding the topics of energy, forces and flight, basic Newtonian physics and also, the external design of the rocket (wings, cone, material of bottle used) and elevation. This allows students to stretch their thinking and ability in science through non – routine experiential. Not only that, we also provide hands on learning opportunities for our students to engage in meaningful learning of science concepts and applications using the constructivist approac

SCIENCE BLAST! PROGRAMME To improve Students’ perceptions towards science using fun and interesting activities including contents that are in line with the current school syllabus. Using fun-learning ideas will allow students to remember better and challenge the concepts learnt by participating in these hands-on activities. In addition, learning various methods that they can use to critically evaluate their answers.

TOY MAKING WORKSHOP By applying Scientific principles, we will guide students to enhance their critical thinking in making toys based on selected themes. It helps in improving students’ perception towards learning Science.

ECOLOGY RESEARCH A “learning by design programme” where students get to engage in collaborative learning compile impressive Prezi presentation shows by visiting Ecology venues such as Pasir Ris Mudflats, Sungei Buloh, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve etc. with IT tools such as iPads for picture/video taking and sketches.

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD PROGRAMME Students will be coach to think creatively and critically when focusing on the different aspects of science (Physical, Chemical and Biological) that will be tested in Science Olympiad competitions including SPSO and Raffles Science Olympiad.

PSLE Science Preparation Workshop In this workshop, students are taught on answering techniques and strategies that would help in analyzing questions and provide insights as to what examiners are looking for. Students have benefited from this workshop as they are able to arrive at the best possible answers that gives them the highest chance in scoring for their papers.