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Image by Kevin Ku

3D-Tronics Competition


-Primary/Secondary Student
-Register as group (up to 5 pax).

- Submit 1 presentation video (<3mins), students should display their prototype and explain the code. 


Simply Click on the Link below and
fill up the details!

Key Dates

- Submission Deadline: 30th Oct 23
- Announcement Deadline: 10th Nov 23

Presentation template

Awards & Prizes

Best Overall

Team who demonstrates the best overall performance in the competition

Best Design

Team who demonstrates the best design skills, including code organisation, readability, and maintainability and quality of prototype.

Most Innovative

Team who demonstrates the most innovative approach or solution to the challenge presented in the competition

Most Impactful

Team whose solution has the most significant impact on society or the target audience.

*Please note the organising committee reserves the right to award an award category to more than one entry or not award a prize if no entries are deemed suitable. 

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