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Code For Fun !

Fully subsidized by IMDA & MOE.

Schools have the option to engage Zenitant as a vendor to run the program; Hardware, Manpower and Lesson plans taken care of.

Alternatively, schools can purchase hardware from the approved list and run the program themselves. 


* Smart Car remotely controlled 
Kit used: Robo-Maker Kit

Sustainable Living

Student's Creation using Micro:bit IOT

* Smart Light turning on upon motion detected
Kit used: Microbit - IoT Makers Kit 

Future of transportation

* Smart Car stopping upon object detected
Kit used: Microbit - Robo - IoT Makers Kit 

With 4 kits to choose from, students will understand how Internet of Things works as they get to program code, wire sensors together and get the project up & running !

Health and food science

Student's Creation using M5Go

* Environment quality Monitoring System
Kit used: M5GO - IoT Makers Kit

Cities and urban landscapes

Student's Creation using M5Go

* Smart Bin sends out alert when capacity full
Kit used: M5GO - Robo IoT Makers Kit

Emerging technologies

Student's Creation using M5Go

* Motion Detector used to ensure elderly had taken their medicines
Kit used: M5GO - IoT Makers Kit

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