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Education Trails.
For Students.
By Zenitant-LRD

We have been designing and conducting engaging outdoor educational enrichment programs for schools in Singapore. As students unveil Singapore's history through trails, they learn more about how the young nation overcome challenges as a country. By applying concepts that they have learnt in school, students refine their thinking and problem-solving skills with the guidance of our facilitators. 

Creating a conducive environment for team building, relating of knowledge to reality, personal mastery and building of their social skills, students with be equipped with life skills to meet future challenges.


Emerging Tech Showcase

The Zen Tech Showcase, an initiative by Zenitant, is a forward-thinking program crafted to bridge the gap between technology and educational institutions.

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Academic Trail

These interactive experiences offer students a hands-on exploration of scientific principles and mathematical concepts, fostering a deeper understanding of these subjects while promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Heritage Trail

In a captivating heritage trail, students will immerse in the rich cultural tapestry of the city-state. Students will get to explores historical landmarks, diverse traditions, and educational institutions, providing a comprehensive glimpse into Singapore's unique heritage and its significance in the context of local education.


Learning Events

Often held in over the weekends, the learning events aims to provide students to have the opportunity to interact with up-to-date technology/games. With the exposure, students get to explore their interests at a young age. 

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