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Game Development

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Minecraft Education 

Minecraft Education is a game-based learning platform that inspires creative, inclusive learning through play. Dive into subjects like reading, math, history, and coding with worlds designed for all types of learners. Explore and build together in creative open worlds. It’s easy to get started with no gaming experience necessary.

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Makecode Arcade

Microsoft MakeCode is a framework for creating interactive and engaging programming experiences for those new to the world of programming. The platform provides the foundation for a tailored coding experience for students to create and run programs on actual hardware or in a simulated target.

Level 1

For the 8-hour Minecraft Education segment, students will learn Minecraft design principles and how to code/ create an open-world Minecraft game with game characters, NPCs that they can play individually or collaboratively.

For the 8-hour Makecode Arcade segment, students will learn different game mechanics, how to create their own sprites and 2D retro-arcade games such as Space Invaders and Flappy Bird.

P5 MakeCode Arcade

Students exploring Minecraft Edu

 Primary - Minecraft Education



Secondary - Minecraft Education

Level 2

For the next 8-hour Minecraft Education segment, students will learn higher - level Minecraft design techniques, work with their classmates and create a adventure world filled with puzzle and storyline !

For the next 8-hour Makecode Arcade segment, students will learn create their own animation, costume and avatar. Game mechanics such as background music and power-ups to make it more interactive as they play with/against each other.

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