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Test Tubes

Science Olympiad


Our students excelled in the past NUS High Science Olympiad Competitions, bagging numerous awards across the three categories i.e. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Over the years, we have been receiving excellent feedback from teachers and students from various schools.

Our programme empowers students by adopting an investigative and interactive approach, engaging students and encouraging them to think creatively and critically. We provide intensive training that includes group discussions and carefully designed fun, interesting hands-on activities, to help students gain exposure on the building blocks of advance Science topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are also challenged through the inquiry-based learning mode and facilitated to handle high level Science questions and conduct Science experiments independently and confidently. Students will understand the elements of a good experiment such as having a clear concept/question of what is being tested, using an appropriate set of control(s), keeping all variables constant except for the one being tested, differentiate what “independent” and “dependent” variables are and how one can extend the findings of an experiment to new experiments or to applications.

Through this, they develop a set of good Science process skills and acquire a set of critical thinking skills, honing their skills such as acquiring, refining, extending, or applying Scientific concepts, observing, comparing, classifying, communicating, and analysing, which helps students to analyse tricky and challenging questions and critically evaluate their answers. We aim to cultivate students’ interest in Science topics, so that they may continue to research and read up independently, to prepare beyond their syllabus. Most importantly, we cater to varying needs for the targeted students with our variable yet structured step-by step approach.

Origami Flapping Birds

Science Programmes

Toy Making 


Our workshop helps students integrate learning content from disciplines such as Science and Arts, moving beyond the textbook and classroom setting and applying them to real-life situations. Our students design creative solutions for National Competitions like the Sony Creative Toy Making Competition.

With an investigative approach, a greater awareness of the environment and creativity skills are instilled in our students through hands-on exposure and experimentation. This motivates them to conceptualise, design and fabricate their own creative, environmentally friendly, and functional toy creations using recycled materials, and understand how they work. Through the process, students will develop relevant soft skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and responsibility.

A sample lesson encompasses “What is Aeronautics”, “The Concept of Flight Science”, and “Exercise regime to strengthen the launching of the airplane and recording of the Flight Journal”.


Junior Scientist 


Embark on a thrilling scientific journey with our Junior Scientist Programme tailored for Primary 1 to Primary 6 students! Our mission is to ignite young minds with a passion for science through engaging and hands-on activities.


Some of our signature activities are:


- Helicopter Flight Activity: Soar into the world of aerodynamics as young scientists design and launch their very own paper helicopters, understanding the principles of flight in an exciting way.


- Straw Airplane Activity: Watch imagination take flight as students craft straw airplanes, delving into the basics of aviation and aerodynamics while exploring the fun side of science.


- Dancing Raisins Activity: Witness the magic of chemistry in action as raisins dance in a fizzy ballet! This activity not only captivates young scientists but also introduces the concepts of buoyancy and gas release.


- Balloon Powered Car Activity: Rev up the excitement with our balloon-powered cars! Students apply Newton's third law and basic engineering principles to build cars that zoom with the power of air.


Our Junior Scientist Programme aims to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for science. Join us in fostering the next generation of innovators and problem solvers!

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STEM Programme


Are you interested in exploring the fascinating world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)? Our STEM Programme is ideal for Primary 3 students and above. It adopts an investigative approach and is designed to be an immersive and practical experience for students to discover and learn various STEM topics, including robotics, coding, electronics, and more!

Our activities are in line with the current school syllabus and will include concept mapping skills to help students list out the steps involved, map out relationships between terms and assess their own understanding of STEM topics that they may have learnt previously.  This facilitates students to better remember concepts learnt, using the idea of fun-learning. Students will also be taught various methods that they can use to critically evaluate their answers.

Our programme allows students to appreciate the applications of Science and Mathematics in the world around them, and also integrate and apply knowledge and skills across disciplines to explore, investigate and ask questions while solving authentic problems.

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Fun and Play Science 

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Elevate your science knowledge with our engaging Fun and Play Science Workshop tailored for Primary 1 and 2 students. 

Dive into a world of discovery with activities like ‘Paper Straw Rocket’, where students grasp the principles of air force and gravity. 

Witness the magic of ‘Colour Changing Milk’, unveiling the science behind dish soap and milk reactions. 

In ‘Balloon-Powered Cars’, students get to race their own cars while uncovering secrets of motion and force. 

Students also get to experience the thrill of ‘Parachutes’ while unravelling the dual dance of gravity and air force! 

From the Mealworm Life Cycle to Seed Germination, each experiment offers a blend of excitement and knowledge.  

Nurture scientific minds by honing skills like observation, experimentation, and critical thinking.  Our workshop cultivates curiosity, encouraging students to analyse, predict, and draw conclusions from their hands-on experiences.  Transform science education into an adventure!

Citrus Fruits

Science Buskers Programme

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Unleash the power of science communication with our Science Buskers Programme, your ultimate preparation programme for the prestigious Science Buskers Competition organised by the Singapore Science Centre.


The objective of the programme is to elevate students' communication skills through creative expression of science. Our programme cultivates the ability to present captivating "show-and-tell" sessions on any science topic, aligning with the competition's criteria.


Some of our signature components are:


- Precision Prodigy: Hone your skills in delivering scientifically accurate explanations with precision, using everyday language without compromising accuracy.


- Wow-Factor Spectacle: Learn to engage, excite, and leave your audience in awe. Develop the art of infusing the 'wow' factor into your busking performance.


- Innovative Showcase and Fusion: Master the art of blending creative booth designs with innovative demonstrations. Capture attention with a harmonious fusion of look, feel, and scientific concepts.


Get ready to make waves in the Science Buskers Competition – where communication meets creativity, and science steals the spotlight!

Business Team

Science Entrepreneurship Programme

Ignite the spirit of innovation with our Science Entrepreneurship Programme, a dynamic initiative aimed at empowering students to blend science with entrepreneurship!


Our mission is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between science and entrepreneurship. This programme is designed to instil a business mindset, fostering creativity and problem-solving in the fields of science and technology.


Some of our signature activities include:


- Innovation: Cultivate creativity through hands-on workshops and guide students to develop innovative ideas that solve real-world problems using scientific principles.


- Market Research Project: Engage in market analysis and teach students how to identify target audience, understand consumer needs, and assess the feasibility of their scientific innovations in the market.


- Business Pitch Challenge: Elevate presentation skills by having students pitch their science-based entrepreneurial ideas to a panel, honing their ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity and persuasion.


- Sustainability Integration: Infuse environmental responsibility by encouraging students to develop solutions that align with sustainable practices and ethical considerations.


Join us on this exciting journey, where science meets entrepreneurship, and young minds transform into the innovators of tomorrow!

VR Headset

Virtual Reality Science Explorers Programme

Immerse your students in a world of scientific discovery with our Virtual Reality Science Explorers Programme recommended for Primary 5 students and above.


The objective of the programme is to transform learning through cutting-edge technology, fostering a deep understanding of complex scientific concepts.


Some of our signature activities include:


- Neuroscience Journey: Dive into the human brain, exploring its intricacies and functions through immersive virtual reality experiences.


- Volcanic Adventures: Take a virtual trip to active volcanoes, unravelling the geological processes that shape our planet.


- Space Odyssey: Embark on a cosmic journey, exploring the wonders of our solar system and beyond through captivating VR simulations.


Join us on this virtual quest, where science education transcends traditional boundaries!

Science Class

Junior Chemist Programme


Unleash the inner scientist in your students with our Junior Chemist Programme.


The objective is to nurture a love for chemistry through hands-on experiments, sparking curiosity and critical thinking.


Some of our signature activities include:


- Explosive Reactions: Safely explore chemical reactions with exciting experiments that fizz, pop, and wow young chemists.


- Colourful Chemistry: Dive into the world of pigments and dyes, creating vibrant and visually stunning chemical reactions.


- States of Matter Extravaganza: Witness the magic of matter changing forms through engaging experiments on solids, liquids, and gases.


Join this programme and let the curiosity of young minds bubble over in a world of chemical wonders!

Video Game Screenshot

Minecraft STEM Explorers


Dive into the virtual realm with Minecraft STEM Explorers, a groundbreaking programme that blends the excitement of gaming with hands-on STEM education.


The objective is to transform Minecraft into an educational playground, fostering creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills while exploring key STEM concepts.


Some of our signature activities include:


- Biodiversity Simulation: Students create diverse ecosystems within Minecraft, introducing various plant and animal species, and analysing the impact of biodiversity on ecosystem health.


- Redstone Engineering Challenge: Engage in a hands-on Redstone Engineering Challenge, applying principles of electrical circuits and logic gates to create complex mechanisms within the Minecraft world.


- Sustainable Resource Management: Explore the principles of sustainability by simulating the extraction and utilisation of natural resources, teaching students to balance resource consumption and conservation.


Join our Minecraft STEM Explorers and turn gaming time into a dynamic learning adventure where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics come to life in a virtual world!

Solar Energy

Energy Management using Solar Energy


Spark the future of sustainable energy with our Energy Management using Solar Energy Programme, specially crafted for Primary 5 students and above.


The objective is to empower students to understand the significance of renewable energy, specifically solar power, and inspire them to actively contribute to Singapore's Green Plan 2030 through engaging activities and practical learning.


Some of our signature activities include:


- Renewable Energy Exploration: Dive into the world of solar energy, unravelling its potential and exploring how it aligns with Singapore's Green Plan 2030 for a more sustainable future.


- Solar Car Design Challenge: Students become eco-engineers, designing their own solar cars using recycled materials and solar panels.  Delve into energy conversions, draw circuit diagrams, and apply sustainable design principles.


- Solar Car Race: The excitement peaks as students test their solar cars in a thrilling race against their peers, showcasing the power of solar energy in action.


Join us on this hands-on journey, where young innovators harness the sun's power to drive change towards a greener and cleaner future!

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