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Zenitant specialises in designing makerspaces, providing makers and STEAM education programmes, equipment and tools to schools in Singapore and in the region

Our makerspaces promise to be a dynamic environment where creativity, experimentation, and hands-on learning thrive.  Designed to be flexible and adaptable, our makerspace can accommodate different group sizes and various makers activities. 

Learning with Tablets

Teacher Training & Curriculum Consultancy

Our team  is here to help you design a makerspace that enhances pedagogical methods with adaptable learning areas. We prioritize experiential learning and the integration of technology to support various educational approaches. Our designs also include elements that allow for local user input and customization, ensuring a personalized and budget-friendly solution.

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We emphasize hands-on, experiential learning and the integration of technology to support diverse educational needs. Our approach also includes customization options based on local user input, ensuring that your makerspace is engaging, personalized, and within your budget.

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Modular Space

We focus on creating flexible learning spaces that support pedagogical improvements, encourage experiential learning, and integrate technology to accommodate different learning modes. Our designs also feature options for localized customization, fostering a strong sense of ownership among users.

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We design spaces for efficient and effective delivery of maker/ STEM programmes.  Below are some maker programmes we have designed to be conducted in our maker spaces:​

  • Cardboard Prototyping​

  • Making with Sustainable/Upcycled Materials​

  • 3D Design and 3D Printing ​

  • DIY Makers Toys with Electronics​

  • Wearables and Sewing with Coding​

  • Urban and Smart farming

  • Assisted Living Innovations

  • Robotics and Microcontrollers

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